🏋️‍♀️ Why Dancers Should be Strength Training

Dec 18 / The Dance Scientist
Let's keep this one simple. I'm going to organize this blog into common misunderstandings surround strength training for dancers.

1 - People think Strength Training negatively impacts flexibility:
"Despite popular thought there is no evidence to support that strength training would negatively affect flexibility" (Koutedakis et al., 2005).
2 - People think dance class is enough for dancers' fitness: Several studies have indicated that dance class isn't enough, especially for the demands of performance (Dowse et al., 2020).

3 - Dancers have muscular imbalances:
Several studies indicate that dancers have muscular imbalances that place them at risk for lower-extremity injuries

Let's wrap this up with some general recommendations regarding weight training:

  • Not all of your strength exercises should look like dance
    Strength training is an excellent way to improve dance technique & your general strength as a human
  • A properly designed strength training can help mitigate these imbalances while improving dance techniqueStart with the basics. Work on mastering those first

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