🧠 5 Ways to Teach Dance Science to Young Dancers

Jun 27 / The Dance Scientist
1. Integrate Anatomy Apps & Skeleton Models: Anatomy Apps and Skeleton models are two simple ways to integrate modern science into your instruction. My favorite app to use with my students is any app by Visible Body.
2. Teach Anatomy from a Young Age: Incorporating anatomical concepts from a young age can help set a dancer up to be more efficient and injury-free. It's like building a building with no foundation, but when Dance Science is implemented at a young age, the foundation of the building is stronger.

3. Join a Dance Science Organization & Begin Reading Scientific Research: IADMS is an excellent choice of an organization to join if you're interested in reading up on Dane Science research. They offer flexible membership options through a tiered system.

4. “Experiencing the Anatomy” Lessons: After teaching an anatomical concept (such as on an anatomy app), it's a good idea to translate the concept into a movement practice so your students can learn to experience their own anatomy.

5. Cognitive Psychology & Motor Learning: After taking my NDEO class on the brain & how learning works (plus my Ph.D. courses on learning), I am utterly convinced that every educator should have basic knowledge in Cognitive Psychology & Motor Learning. You can be super knowledgeable on Dance & all of its complex facets, but if you don't know how to deliver your information to your students, they won't digest it.

❤️ MariaCEO of The Dance Scientist, L.L.C.
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