The Dance Science Podcast

A podcast to build connections & drive discussion on ways we can improve the field of Dance Medicine & Science. 
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A Podcast for Dance Science enthusiasts

The DSP will be a chance to drive discussion and cultivate a sense of community toward collectively progressing the field of Dance Science.


A combination of solo episodes and guest episodes will foster a sense of collaboration towards bettering our field.


These episodes aim to cover a wide range of topics in Dance & Dance Education.

Bi-Monthly Episodes

Twice a month new episodes will be released on all of its available platforms.

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We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field. Learn to use all the related tools, walk into a job and be a rockstar from day one.

Mix of guest & solo episodes

New episodes bimonthly

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Driving Discussion & Cultivating Community

Towards progressing Dance Science to make it more normalized in Dance Education.

Meet the Founder

The Dance Scientist
Dance Scientist, Ph.D. Student
creator of the podcast

I'm Maria Haralambis, M.Ed., NASM CES, FMT, a current Ph.D. student and CEO of The Dance Scientist, L.L.C. I help Dancers & Dance Educators understand and apply Dance Science principles through Resources, Master Classes, Training Sessions, Mentoring, Injury Risk Assessments, and more

the dance science podcast



Astrid Zuluaga Lopez, MS, RDN, LD

Dietician, Pilates and Ballet Instructor
✨ Nutrition Recommendations: How to Handle them as an Educator
Why she became a Dietician, Educators giving Nutrition advice, Tips for Parents, Monitoring Instagram, Tips for those interested in this field.
  • Her Website: 
  • Her Instagram:
Astrid is a former professional ballet dancer with 20 years of experience in ballet training as a performer and as an instructor combined. She trained pre-professionally at Allegro Estudio de Ballet and Miami City Ballet School and danced professionally in Ballet Nacional de Panama and Arts Ballet Theater of Florida. Astrid is currently a ballet and pilates instructor at Ballet and Pilates by Victoria and Ellie Paige Dance Company and recently became a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist with a Master's degree in Exercise and Sports Nutrition. This year she will begin working as a clinical dietitian in one the world's largest medical complex at the Texas Medical Center.

Dinah Hampson 

Physical Therapist
✨ Put a Pivot into Practice: Making Cross-Training Fun
Why she became a Physiotherapist, why she created Pivot Dancer, common injuries she treats, making cross-training fun, the positives & negatives of social media, debunking some of the cross-training myths.
  • Her Website:
  • Her Instagram:
Dinah completed her B.A. in Health Studies at Queen’s University & B.Sc. in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto. Her passion for Sport Physio led her to active membership in Sport Physio Canada, acquisition of her Sport Physio Diploma & her International Sports Physiotherapist qualification. She holds the Diploma of Manual & Manipulative Therapy, multiple clinical certifications, & is an examiner for Sport Physio candidates. She trained in classical ballet, danced with a Young Dancer’s Company & in Musical Theatre productions. She assesses & treats dancers from professional dance companies & associated training programs & community/competitive dancers. She founded Pivot Sport Medicine in 2003, 15 years later co-founding Pivot Dancer. She, with Pivot Dancer, consults with clinicians & dancers worldwide. She has represented Canada as the Chief Therapist for Canada’s Health team at the Commonwealth Games, FISU Games & has been a team member for the Olympics & Pan American Games. 

Crystal Nicholls 

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC) & Holistic Health Coach
✨ Micro Habits Lead to Big Changes: The Science of Behavioral Change
In this episode: Her experience as a Lion King London dancer, why goals don't always work, building sustainable habits step by step, avoiding burnout, tips of those interested in becoming a Health Coach.
  • Her Website:
  • Her Instagram:
Crystal Nicholls is a performing artist, Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC), & Certified Holistic Health Coach. With over 10 years of experience as a professional dancer, she has appeared in commercials, films, tv, and Disney’s The Lion King. As a coach, she has worked with individuals, companies, and schools in the performing arts industry such as Matthew Bourne's New Adventures and English National Ballet School, to support performers' wellbeing. Her mission is to teach performing artists how to use nutrition, mindset skills, and lifestyle habits to support their wellbeing, so they can overcome burnout and thrive–on and off stage.

Giuliana Hazelwood

Mental Health Clinician and Educator for Performing Artists and Young Adults
✨ A Body-Based Approach to Mental Health for Dancers
In this episode:Peeling back the layers of the biopsychosocial model, meeting the art & the science, dancers' schedules are impractical, her work at Joffrey, mental health tips for for dancers, parents, & educators.
  • Her Website:
  • Her Instagram:
Giuliana is a mental health clinician and educator for performing artists and young adults. She currently heads the Health & Wellness department at Joffrey Ballet School where she offers on-site care for students and training for faculty and staff. She uses a body-based biopsychosocial approach, infusing arts education curriculum with social-emotional learning fundamentals. Her work leverages the connection between students & clinicians, using the arts as a starting point to challenge and recreate the narratives that shape our collective health and wellbeing.

Jennifer Randall

Social Media & Marketing Expert for Dance Studios
✨ Making Social Media Simple & Fun
In this episode: Her background owning & operating several studios, making social media simple, tips for keeping your accounts safe, what her favorite part is & why, what does consistency actually mean?
  • Her Website:
  • Her Instagram:
Hi! I’m Jennifer Randall and I have been around dance studios my entire life. I owned a dance & music studio for 12 years. I have always enjoyed marketing (specifically social media) & learning how I can use online marketing for dance studios. Over the last 4 years I have worked with over 200 dance studios, setup & managed over 500 paid ad campaigns & taught hundreds of owners how to use social to attract leads through social media. The experience of running a studio for 15-years of my own means I really “get” owners & now with my knowledge & love for the “social media stuff" I help studio owners get parents & students off of the "social media scroll" and through the doors. 

Danielle Pinga

Fitness Trainer
✨ 11: Unpacking the term artistic athletes - finding a balance
Join me & Danielle Pinga as we discuss finding the balance, social media, strength training, humans before dancers, & more! Learn more about Danielle on her website or her Instagram @artistic__athletes.
  • Instagram: @artistic__athletes
    Facebook: Artistic Athletes
    Tiktok: @artistic__athletes
Danielle Pinga is the owner and founder of Artistic Athletes where she trains dancers like the athletes they truly are ! After facing numerous injuries and restrictions throughout her dance career, the idea of injury prevention specifically for dancers drove her to her studies. After receiving her Bachelors in Science, she completed certifications including NASM Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist and 200 hour Yoga Instructor. Danielle’s goal is for all artistic athletes to understand and become aware of their bodies, to gain the knowledge, confidence and strength to succeed. 

Carolina Rosa

✨ 14: An individualized nutrition approach
Join me & Maria Carolina Rosa as we discuss navigating the misinformation & how we can promote dancers fueling as high performance athletes. Learn more about her on her Instagram @rose.little.lettuce!
  • Instagram: @rose.little.lettuce
Internship in Sports Dietetics at the National Conservatory Dance School (Portugal) under the mentorship of Dra Inês Fernandes, Sports Dietitian specialized in elite athletes and high performance. Former dancer (13 years of ballet, 3 years of traditional irish dance, 4 years of hip hop, 1 year of tap)
Bachelor's degree in Psychology
Bachelor's degree in Dietetics and Nutrition
Erasmus semesters in the Netherlands and Belgium
Love to cook. 

Jennifer Milner

✨ 18: Connecting the dots between science and artistry
Join me & guest Jennifer Milner, a Movement Specialist, as we discuss challenging traditions in dance, how Pilates helped her during her professional career, & simple ways we can build the bridge between the science & artistry!
Jennifer Milner is a ballet coach and certified Pilates trainer. After a successful performing career, Jennifer became certified in Pilates under Kelly Kane, then mentored under the dance medicine pioneer Marika Molnar. She has trained dancers from New York City Ballet, the Kirov Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, San Francisco Ballet, Royal Ballet, and more.  Jennifer is a co-founder of Bendy Bodies, a podcast devoted to athletic artists with hypermobility issues. She is a member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science and has presented at several world conferences. She is a member of Dansemedica and Doctors for Dancers and serves on the advisory board of Minding the Gap. 

Cynthia Donovan

Registered Dietitian- Hypothalamic Amenorrhea 
Join me & Cynthia Donovan, an RDN who specializes in Amenorrhea, as we chat about the importance of period health in dancers
  • Insta: TikTok: @period.nutritionist 
    Apply for Period Recovery Coaching w/Cynthia:
Cynthia is a registered dietitian nutrionist that helps women get their periods back. She helps them reverse hypothalamic amenorrhea, restore their health, and regain fertility. Cynthia’s life purpose is to help women find balance with food, body and exercise. She has over 10 years of experience and founded the Eat to Regain Your Period Program in 2020. She’s helped 100’s of women across the world get their periods and life back. When she’s not serving women with period recovery you can find her travelling and having fun with the two loves of her life, her sons, Brian and Brayden.

Gina Aicardi

Dance Physical Therapist
✨ 24: stop normalizing pain: understanding the body & addressing things early
Join me & Gina Aicardi, a Dance Physical Therapist, as we discuss: pain isn't normal & what dancers should do, address things early, the importance of understanding the body, how she's filling a hole by being the only dance PT in her area, and advice for when studios/teachers push back. Read more about Gina on her Instagram - @jointeffortdance!
  • Instagram -
I am a physical therapist who specializes in Performing Arts Medicine with a focus on treating dancers. I have taken multiple Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) courses as well and incorporate this method when treating my dancers. I grew up dancing with the intention of pursuing dance as a career. Dance was my first major in college until I decided that I wanted to focus more on pursuing a career in healthcare. Ended up graduating with a bachelors in Kinesiology/Exercise Science from James Madison University. During college and a little beyond I taught dance in Virginia for about 5 years. I then turned my focus to grad school where I received my doctorate in physical therapy as well as my performing arts medicine masters certificate from Shenandoah University with a goal of working primarily with dancers. After a few years of working in general outpatient PT, I am now running the dance rehab program at Joint Effort Movement Center in Charleston, SC and provide various services to local dancers, including dance physical therapy, dance strength and conditioning, injury prevention clinics, injury-risk screenings, pointe readiness assessments, and pop-up PT clinics at local studios.

Caitlin Sloan

Former professional ballerina turned dance educator & career mentor
✨ 26: Dancing into Your Dream Career with Confidence
Join me & Caitlin (The Brainy Ballerina) as we discuss: challenging the starving artist mindset, you can thrive and love your career and be happy, separating human from the dancer, the importance of asking dancers what they want for themselves, her favorite part of mentoring dancers, & morre!
Contemporary Ballet. She served as Director of The School of Missouri Contemporary Ballet and on faculty of Central Indiana Academy of Dance and the School of Madison Ballet. In 2019, Caitlin founded The Brainy Ballerina, a virtual resource providing support and guidance for aspiring ballet dancers. Through 1-1 career mentorship, virtual private lessons and digital resources, dancers gain the skills necessary to build a smart and sustainable career in the dance industry.

Nancy Paradis

Choreographer, Dancer, Educator
✨ 27:The Habit is Magic - How Honoring Your Gifts Could be the Missing Link for your Career
Join me & Nancy  (Founder of LA Dance Moves) as we discuss: why she's always loved the creative process, making meaningful art that touches people's heart and souls, honing in on your gifts & using all of the resources out there, advice for aspiring choreographers - such as not narrowing into a tight box, the book she co-authored, & more!
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  • Instagram:
  • Youtube: 
Listeners can email me:
  • "I heard you on Dance Scientist" and I can provide more details of any other programs once I know a little more.

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  • I'm offering my book "Bringing Value, Solving Problems and Leaving a Legacy" FREE to you Listeners, ($4 postage only) They can just email me.
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  • I produced a Feature Film currently at film festivals and hoping to get distribution. Your listeners can see the trailer, the FilmFreeway page and more at
  • If anyones interested in any other services/products email her
Nancy Paradis began her professional career on the east coast performing with the Washington Ballet, Richmond Ballet and Louisville Ballet Companies. In Los Angeles, she danced in television, film, and commercial work. She was adjunct professor at UC Irvine, Loyola Marymount University and currently Moorpark College where she teaches ballet, jazz, musical theater and production. She choreographs for professional companies BalletProject.OC, The Realm Co-LA and created a world premier for Richmond Ballet, VA. Nancy is a co-author of an inspirational book Bringing Value, Solving Problems and Leaving a Legacy. She is artistic director of her dance/media company LA Dance Moves and currently has a feature documentary screening at film festivals. This summer Nancy crafted original movement to the iconic musical, Cabaret. 

Dr. Chelsea Pierotti

Sport Psychology / Mental Performance Coach
✨ 28: Mental Skills vs. Mental Toughness: Debunking Common Myths
Join me & Dr. Chelsea Pierotti (Sport Psychology & Mental Performance Coach) as we discuss: Easy ways to improve classroom climate, tips for dancers for finding more balance, advice for those interested in her field, the importance of building mental toughness for dancers, why these skills should be seen as just as important as teaching technique, & more! You can learn more about Dr. Chelsea on her Instagram!!
  • Her Facebook @drchelseapierotti
  • Her Instagram: @dr.chelsea.pierotti
  • Her Website:
Dr. Chelsea Pierotti is a sport psychologist and consultant for dancers and dance educators. As a speaker, workshop teacher, and podcast host, Dr. Chelsea’s mission is to help create more successful dancers through positive mental skills. Visit her website and check out her podcast, a Passion for Dance at

Ginger, Lisa, Megan, & Maria

Your team for our upcoming workshop!
✨ 29: A look into Mid Year Makeover: Infusing Wellness Into Your Curriculum workshop for dance educators
Join me & the team as we discuss our workshop in January called "Mid-Year makeover: Infusing Wellness
Into Your Dance Curriculum" & more! You can learn more about our event on:
  • Ginger's Info: Instagram - @moderndancept, Website - 
  • Lisa's Info: Instagram - @lisapodnar, Website -
  • Megan's Info: Instagram - @megandrabant
It's highly important for the well-being of your students to keep their health and wellness in mind when designing your classes. Through interactive sessions and hands-on activities, you'll discover innovative techniques to help your students develop physical strength, flexibility, emotional resilience, and mental focus—all while fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment.

Veronica Prieur

Physical Therapist, Pilates Instructor, Dance Educator 
✨ 30: The Balanced Performer: a Dance PT's Insights
Join me & Veronica as we discuss: dancers investing in themselves for their long-term career longevity, why she decided to become a dance PT and her advice for aspiring dancers, how she applies her knowledge also as a Dance Educator at a studio, she offers PT for injuries and for injury prevention, why dancing harder isn’t necessarily dancing smarter, & more! You can learn more about her on her IG:
Veronica Prieur, PT, DPT, NCPT graduated from the Wayne State University Physical Therapy program in December 2022. Veronica was part of several research initiatives between the Wayne State physical therapy and dance departments during and after her tenure as a student. Veronica has presented her dance-related research projects at the Michigan APTA and IADMS conferences. Veronica’s dance journey began at 3 years old and led to her to joining the competition team at her studio. Veronica began teaching dance in high school and now has 15+ years of experience as a dance educator. Teaching dance led Veronica down a path of movement education completing several fitness certifications and being comprehensively certified as a Pilates instructor now for nearly 10 years before applying to PT school. Veronica completed a sports-medicine rotation with a performing arts specialist clinicalinstructor and has a passion for treating and cross-training the dancer.

Michelle Dwarika

Dance Psychology Researcher
✨ 31: Dancing Minds: Delving into Dance Psychology with Michelle Dwarika
Join me & Michelle as we discuss: how even as a researcher she admits when she's wrong & is constantly learning, she believes Dance Psychology a missing component in Dance Science, she offers lectures on this topic, how her experience dancing in harsh environments impacted her then and now, career advice, & more! You can learn more about her on her IG:!
BA and MA in teatre and performance arts (University of Oslo, Norway). MAS in Dance Science (University Bern, Switzerland). Since 2022: PhD in Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation sciences, specializing in sport/ dance psychology at the University of Birmingham (UK). Specialising in mental health and mental skills training in dance. Born in Basel, Switzerland. Upon graduating from my masters in theatre and performance arts, I worked as an educator in different schools in and around Oslo. After my master in dance science I worked as a research assistant, program coordinator and guest lecturer at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Now, I am livng in Birmingham (UK) to pursue my Phd.

GingerAnn Neslund, PT, DPT

PT, Professional Dancer, Dance Educator
✨32: navigating health care for dancers
Join me & Ginger as we discuss: the importance of advocating for themselves, calling insurance is sometimes best way to get answers, why she doesn't work with insurance & how this affects her and dancers, what general practitioners are for and what they shouldn't be doing, general PTs vs. dance PTs & more! You can learn more about her on her IG:!
Ginger is a professional dancer and physical therapist and CEO of Divergent Physical Therapy & Wellness, LLC. She helps dancers and dance educators level-up their technique and sustain long-lasting careers through one-on-one trainings, workshops, movement classes, and injury and pointe readiness screenings.​
BFA Dance- University of Michigan (2012)
- BS Movement Science- University of Michigan (2012)
- Doctorate of Physical Therapy- University of Michigan, Flint (2015)
- MA in Teaching Artistry (Dance)- Wayne State University (candidate)
- Dry Needling for the Upper Extremity, Head, Neck, and Face (American Academy of Manipulative -Therapy)
- Vestibular Rehab Certified (Medbridge)

Nik Kleemann

Energy Strategist Coach
✨33 : energy in motion: dancer's guide to peak performance
Join me and Nik as we discuss: Dancers train technique, but often the mental skills are a missing piece, How everything is a whole-body approach of body & mind, Importance of seeking quality certifications, Debunking the myth that female dancers will bulk from lifting weights, How he coaches dancers to self-motivate themselves, & MORE! 
As an "Energy Strategist for High Performers", Nik stands for change through movement, energy state management and focus. His passion is to inspire other people to bring their glow into the world. To this end, he provides strategies and tools to help people in business, sport and life to tap into their energy, level it up and achieve lasting change. Contributing as a mentor to numerous competitive athletes in the fields of athletics, health and mindset for many years, active in competitive sports himself for over 15 years, World Championship and European Championship finalist and multiple runner-up in dancing
- Former Latin- and Ballroom Competitive Dancer, internationally and nationally
- World Championship finalist and European Championship finalist in Latin Formation Dancesport
- Over 15 years of active dance experience and more than 10 years of teaching, training and coaching dancers and dancesport athletes
- Nationally Certified Dancesport Trainer
- Athletic and Mental Coach of Austrian Breaking Nationalteam and some dancers across different styles
- Dance Mentoring 1:1 --> Athletic and Mental Training, Training Structure & Planning, Mindset and Goal Setting, and many more. With this Mentoring Program I want to provide, what I never had in my own career, a safe space for competitive and show dancers, who are passionate to unleash their full potential and to become high performers in their field.
- A guade Mischung - Podcast (german): - 

Kirsten Kemp

Mindset Coach for Dancers
✨34: Stepping up: cultivating confidence in dancers
Join me and Kirsten as we discuss: How dancing in a negative learning environment impacted her as a professional ballerina, the importance of always giving dancers hope, how we need to stop normalizing things in the ballet world that are toxic, advice for perfectionism, learning choreography, confidence, & MORE! Follow her on Instagram to learn more:!
Kirsten Kemp is a former full-time professional ballet dancer turned High-Performance Mindset Coach for dancers, International Speaker, and Founder of The Confident Dancer specializing in helping dancers break through the mental blocks that have been holding them back and build a confident mindset that allows them to feel and perform their best consistently. On top of serving 200+ clients globally, including soloists and principals in top ballet companies and YAGP finalists, she's also the host of The Confident Dancer YouTube channel and podcast, a show with 21k+ subscribers and counting. As a speaker, she's also had the honor of speaking to groups of dancers at top institutions such as Miami City Ballet School, Estonian National Ballet, University of Utah's School of Dance, Texas Ballet Theater School, and many others. I used to dance professionally (trained at Houston Ballet, graduated with a BFA in Ballet and Minor in Business from the University of Utah, and then danced professionally with Oklahoma City Ballet). I now have my own coaching practice as a High-Performance Mindset Coach for dancers.  My specialty as a coach is helping dancers (especially competitive, pre-pro, or professional dancers) overcome the mental blocks that are negatively affecting their performance and build a mindset that allows them to confidently and consistently perform to their fullest potential. 

Challenges I help dancers overcome include: 
- self-doubt
- perfectionism/ intense self-criticism
- performance anxiety
- low self-confidence 
- trouble believing in themselves/their abilities
- comparison
- overthinking and losing focus
- and more
- mental blocks around particular steps
In addition to offering 1:1 coaching, I also speak to groups of dancers about how to overcome these challenges and have had the pleasure of speaking at many top institutions such as Miami City Ballet School, Texas Ballet Theater, Estonian National Ballet, The University of Utah, University of Oklahoma, University of Texas, and more. 

Megan Richardson 

Acupuncturist & Athletic Trainer
✨35: HARMony in motion: bridging acupuncture & athletic training
Join me & Megan Richardson (Acupuncturist & Athletic Trainer) as we discuss: She treats dancers as holistic beings using the biopsychosocial model, Acupuncture is not only for injuries & why dancers benefit from it, How other factors impact dancers such as: sleep, nutrition, digestion, How she blends her work of both worlds when treating dancers, Advice she gives dancers about being aware of your self talk, and more. Follow her on her IG to see her incredible work!!
Megan Richardson is an acupuncturist and an athletic trainer who specializes in manual therapy and functional training. Trained in advanced cosmetic facial acupuncture & microneedling, sports & orthopedic acupuncture, dry needling trigger point therapy, and traditional Chinese medicine. For the past 20+ years she has provided backstage coverage to numerous dance companies and Broadway shows and has presented on issues related to athlete's and dancer's health and rehabilitation both nationally and internationally. Megan has served on the Board of Directors of the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science. She has worked at the world renowned NYU Harkness Center for Dance Injuries as a clinician, researcher and administrator and founded their acupuncture program. Megan has had the pleasure to work with the companies and performers from: Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company, Ballet Hispanico, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, Paul Taylor Dance Company, Momix, Martha Graham Dance Company, SUNY Purchase College, Hamilton, Wicked, The Public Theater, Park Avenue Armory, and many more.

Cindy Ambridge

 Dance & Consent Specialist 
✨ 36: Inhaling Intention: Exploring Breath, Mindfulness, & Consent in Dance
Join me & Cindy as we discuss: A dancer can be ok with touch one day & can change that another day, She loves challenging herself and constantly learning, How consent is communicated in theatre and tv shows, There are simple ways consent can be communicated by studio owners,  Some fun ways consent can be taught to young dancers, & more! Follow her on her IG here:!
As a former professional dancer turned educator, I have woven my passion for movement with the science behind yoga philosophy, aiming to impact dancers both on and off the stage. My journey began in the world of dance, where I experienced firsthand the demands of the industry as a professional dancer. However, it was through my exploration of fusing some yoga philosophy, safe dance, dance science and well-being, I have seen a way I can enhance the process and approach to conditioning for dancers. Recognizing the immense well-being benefits of integrating these practices into dance conditioning, I founded "Class for the Heart." This innovative program not only equips dancers with the physical development needed for performance but most importantly nurtures their holistic development, empowering them to thrive both on and offstage. My expertise has extended beyond traditional dance studios to encompass high school contexts as well. Through masterclasses and workshops, I have shared my insights with aspiring dancers about the importance of consistenly prioritising their mental and emotional well-being. In my pursuit of fostering safe and respectful environments within the performing arts community, I have recently delved into the realm of consent protocols. Drawing on my experience as an intimacy coordinator—referred to as a 'consent coordinator' when working with minors—I have spearheaded initiatives aimed at shifting outdated mindsets prevalent in the industry. Instead of adhering to the notion of "suffering for art" or dismissing concerns as being "difficult to work with," I advocate for a culture centred on mutual respect and understanding of boundaries. In this role I have supported musicals, short films, and television commercials. This is where I also trained to be a mental health first aider. My passion for implementing consent processes within educational settings and private studios is my future direction. I am dedicated to fostering environments where dancers feel empowered to express themselves authentically while ensuring their safety and well-being are paramount.
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