How the Dance Scientist LLC Was Born

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Feb 5 / The Dance Scientist
I will keep this short and straight to the point, just like the rest of these posts. 🧠To kick off this blog, I thought I would first share my story. My name is Maria Haralambis, M.Ed., NASM CES, FMT from Michigan. I started dancing at the age of 3 at a local dance studio. Dance was always an important aspect of my life and it continues to remain just as important to me today. What was my reputation like as a young dancer? Well, let's just say I was known for having many, many questions! I was curious... very, very curious about anatomy and mechanics. If my teachers couldn't answer my complex questions, I set out to find the answers on my own. I started digging on the website of IADMS - The International Association for Dance Medicine & Science. I also would send emails back and forth with Lisa Howell (The Ballet Blog) and ask her about my hyperextended knees. This curiosity I had from a young age was the 'seed' that got planted in my heart, which prepared me for the intentional work that I do today in Dance Science.

"This curiosity led me to where I am today & I continue to be curious and think analytically and critically."

I carry this curious mindset with me everywhere I go and in everything I set out to accomplish. When I started posting consistently on Instagram, I was primarily focusing on teaching Pilates at that time. But over the years, I expanded my knowledge and expertise into other realms of Dance Science, which is where the name was born! At the time when I first began thinking about changing my username, I had the opportunity of meeting with two amazing dance business coaches who inspired me to take this leap with my head held high.Thank you for coming on this journey with me and I look forward to building my brand even more. I have exciting plans for the future of The Dance Scientist, including some very helpful, evidence-based tips for Dancers & Educators right here on this blog.

❤️ Maria
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