👁 Mindset Shifts for Better Pirouettes

Sep 1 / The Dance Scientist
Something I talk about a LOT & this mindset can be directly applied to other dance steps as well! We can have all of the physical strength in the world, but if we still have a poor mindset towards something, it's never going to change.

❌ INSTEAD OF "I have a bad side & good side"👍 TRY "Nothing on my body is bad"We need to watch our words as Dance Educators. Especially with pirouettes, having these negative thoughts about their "less-dominant side" is going to negatively impact their dancing. Actually,. nothing on our bodies is "bad" and we really need to remove this word from our vocabulary, in my opinion.
❌ INSTEAD OF "I should keep ignoring my bad side cause it looks bad"👍 TRY: Actually, that's the side that needs attention & shouldn't be ignored!In continuation from the first concept, we really need to stop letting our dancers ignore their "less dominant side" because it's only going to cause MORE differences in their sides. They should be equally training both sides.


We have to be careful with our words as Dance Educators!We need to be training dancers' both sides.We need to be clear with what words are appropriate for our dancers to use.

- ❤️ Maria
CEO of The Dance Scientist, L.L.C.
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