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Hello! Thanks for joining me today. If you follow my Instagram or Facebook, you may know that there's an Imagery Assignment that I use for my ballet classes. Over the years, I have made several posts regarding these assignments but I haven't gone in depth with what I actually assign to the dancers. First, I want to discuss my purpose and intention for this assignment which will help to create a theoretical framework.

Yes, there's actual reasons why I do this assignment and this list outlines the main benefits that this assignment can help achieve.Benefits of this AssignmentThe dancers gain confidence in themselves and they learn how to present their thoughts to the class. This assignment encourages dancers to use their voice during class because this is their assignment that they get to control! The dancers also get to sharpen and explore their own sense of creativity because I tell them they don't have to use my imagery/cues, but that they can actually make up their own! 

Some of them love making up their own and some of them love using mine, but either way they're given autonomy and control. They get to learn the anatomy around a concept they are working on in class. I instruct them to choose an imagery that helps them with something they are actively working on right now. When the dancers present their assignments to the class, after each person presents theirs, I teach a short lesson on the anatomy behind each imagery and why it will directly benefit them! Now that I've listed some benefits to this assignment, here is my lesson plan and how I organize it.I type out a piece of paper with instructions and review it with my dancers the day I assign it to them.I give them adequate time (usually 2 weeks is a time-frame I like to use) because I tell them I want quality work, not something that's just thrown together at the last minute.I encourage them to have fun while doing this assignment! I hope this clears up any questions you had. If you have any further questions for me, feel free to reach me by email or through my website.

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