📱 Time-Saving Apps for Dance-Educators

Jun 10 / The Dance Scientist
We already wear a lot of hats as Dance Educators, so integrating apps are a wonderful way for us to save time & money.

 1) Barre NotesFor changing the tempo of a song without altering the pitch. This app offers several useful tools for adjusting music & is free to download on the app store. It's theorized to save time for Dance Educators by streamlining the music playing process.
2) 3D Human Anatomy AtlasBy Visible Body. For teaching dancers anatomy. There are several anatomy apps out there, but HAA is my personal favorite. To me, the quality of this app is better than other anatomy apps.

3) Choreographic: Dance FormationFor visualizing formations and dancers on stage. You can apply your own music, transitions, stage size, formations, and even color code your dancers. There are so many amazing tools on this app!

4) Lexis Audio EditorFor editing music easily right on your phone. This app actually does a good deal of editing, such as: cutting, copying, noise reduction, change tempo/speed/pitch, fades, and more.

5) Balletrax Virtual class piano music. This is music by Steven Mitchell with music for Pre-Ballet and Ballet classes. You can also change the speed of songs, and arrange songs into a playlist. This app offers two subscription options on the App Store.

⚠️ BONUS - More apps that are popularly used by Dance Educators

  • Arrange Us for formations
  • Dance studio proDaytodaydanceteacher.com
  • Team Julie Kay Stallcup
  • VisiBook for scheduling privates
  • Tempo for slowing or speeding up music
  • Tempo magic Class Manager
  • Essential Anatomy 5
  • Arrange Us
  • Prosody
  • Connecteam for clocking in/out, scheduling, messages, texts, vacation requests. All in one place.
  • Audipo app for speeding up and slowing down music
  • www.creativedancemethod.com
  • SPOTlight
  • NoteTracks
  • The DanceMaker
  • Seesaw
  • Nearpod
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