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    The Dance Scientist
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Upgrade how you teach Dance Science to multiple ages

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  • 2 Modules
  • 1  E-Book
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  • Refresh your Ideas - Walk away with new evidence-based strategies for teaching Anatomy & Dance Science to a wide range of age levels.
  • Become more Confident - You'll walk away with a renewed sense of confidence for upleveling your pedagogical tools and methods.
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The Curriculum Course

This Course Was Updated in May 2024 with updated information based on new research!

Meet the instructor

Maria Haralambis, M.Ed., NASM CES, FMT

The Dance Scientist
After graduating with my B.S. (Hon) in Dance & M.Ed. (Hon) in Kinesiology (Exercise Science), I began pursuing a Ph.D. in Health & Human Performance. I am passionate about helping dancers & dance educators understand & apply Dance Science principles. If you follow me on my instagram (@the.dancescientist) I share a lot of evidence-based tips to bring more awareness to this vital field. These courses & printables are an excellent way to dive deeper into the concepts that I discuss in my posts.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Got 1 hour to spare?

That's all it takes to walk away with evidence-based strategies for teaching Dance Science to all ages.
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A peak into what this course is about

Ideas for multiple ages

Strategies for teaching a wide range of age levels.

There are inexpensive ways

Yes, there are inexpensive.& even free ways to teach Anatomy & Dance Science.

Using Recent Research

This course is built off recent research & even includes a full References list.

Course reviews

I really liked the way you explained the mental capacity and memorization of younger minds vs older/more experienced minds. It really stuck with me, the image of a box getting more full trying to grasp several things at once instead of applying things to knowledge they already had. 
Course Student
Easy as one, two, three

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Instantly improve the way you teach Dance Science to multiple age levels.
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