🔑 Educational Enrichment Insights: My IADMS Experience

Oct 16 / The Dance Scientist
I had a FABULOUS experience at the IADMS conference this past weekend. I'm here to share more about my experiences with you. Plus my 3 main takeaways that will make us all better Dance Educators!

This weekend, I got to:
🔍 Be surrounded by the scholars & pioneers in Dance Medicine & Science (whose shoulders we all stand upon)
🔍 Be recognized by about 20 people I had never met in person - So thank you if you approached me!
🔍 Challenge my pedagogy and refresh my strategies
🔍 Have tough, open, and honest conversations with other Dance Educators, Dancers, Scientists, & Medical Professionals
🔍 Explore multidisciplinary topics in movement sessions, workshops, & panels
🔍 Attend a BalletMet performance

🤩 AND I got to attend my first Committee Meeting with @_iadms_ as a member of their Promotions Committee! I literally got to eat lunch with the scholars that I've been fangirling over since I was a teenager!!

📱 PLUS I got to meet these amazing humans in the second picture! This group started a few years ago and has now grown! I urge you to follow all of their IGs (I will link them in my stories)

5 Quick Takeaways from the Conference: 
1. Train Harder, Not Smarter - 
Adding more dance classes isn't always the answer. This can easily lead to burnout or injuries.
2. Tip for Adolescents - Their training hours should be less than or equal to their age in hours/week. If this isn't doable, aim for 2 days off per week! For example, if a 10-year old dancer dances more than 10 hours per week, they're at a higher risk of overuse injuries.
Professional Dancers Should Have Cross-Training as a Part of Their Regular Day - Dancers should not have to get cross-training by watching a Youtube video. We can do better than that and we NEED to be doing better than that.

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