Dance Science E-Books and Posters

đŸ’« Uniquely-designed resources for Dance Educators

Learn about a wide range of topics:

  • Dance Science & Anatomy
  • Dance History
  • Dance Pedagogy

These aren't just thrown together.

I spend TIME, EFFORT, MONEY, & ENERGY to read research, synthesize the material, and narrow it down to digestible teaching tips.


Based on recent research & includes a references list. 

Affordable & Colorful

These are tier 1 of my products, meaning they're cost-effective. I pride them on being colorful & beautiful, like a piece of art. 

Updated Yearly 

To reflect new research 
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Other Educators love our E-Books

Loved the first printable so much that I had to come back for just about everything else! Thank you for making them so beautiful 😍
e-books customer
learned a lot on how to and when to give inputs and corrections. I think knowing you have to give a correction and how to give a correction are different.
I loved the tips and cues. I am a â€œhave to do” and visual learner being able to have examples & demonstrations was like a light bulb clicking for me
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Dear Dance Educators,

These teaching resources are designed to make your lesson planning:
  • More effective
  • Simple
  • Evidence-based

Meet our families of E-Books

Organized to make shopping easy for you.


Basic guides on a variety of topics in Dance & Dance Science.

Ultimate Guides

Longer than the 101s, more detailed and include more teaching tips.

Quick Guides

Our shortest e-books... quick reads for accessing information fast!

Curriculum Guides

Curriculum for teaching anatomy, imagery cards & flashcards.


Bundled e-books that save money for Dance Educators!

Anatomy Posters

Posters designed for lesson planning and in dance class


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